11 Foods That Produce Collagen & Promote Weight Loss


For those of you who don’t know collagen is located within the dermis of the skin. The dermis is below the outermost top layer of the skin, the reason why it’s important is due to the fact that it’s the foundation of connective tissue, which in turn support the skin. Therefore, it’s one of the most important nutrients for younger looking skin. As I said before in previous articles as we age our body starts to produce 1% less collagen every single year once we hit the age of 20. The reason why this happens because the body produces enzymes which in turn breaks down collagen which causes the skin to form wrinkles. This same effect happens when you drink a lot of water while you’re eating, the enzymes in the water will break down the food before your stomach gets a chance to process it and this is why it’s always recommended to drink small amounts of water instead of large amounts of water when eating.

Another reason why our body stops producing collagen as we get older is due to the unnatural environment that we live in today. For example, this sun as well as pollution has been shown to decrease collagen production in the body. One thing that you should know is that even though the body still continues to create new collagen when you get older, the quality of that is not the same as when you were young, thus being less effective.

The great news is besides taking supplements there is one other alternative and thats eating foods that are rich in collagen. With that being said, here is a list of the top collagen producing foods:



One thing fish helps your body do is create stronger cells, some of the fish that are great and provides a multitude of nutrients are tuna and salmon which are loaded with omega 3’s. This plays an important role when protecting your skin because your skin is surrounded by fatty membranes which leads to forming a type of protection barrier.

Red Vegetables


As we’ve stated earlier in the articles, the sun can actually be very harmful to your collagen production and to circumvent that it’s recommended that you eat red vegetables such as tomatoes, peepers & beets which all contains lycopene. For those of you who don’t know, lycopene is considered to be a natural sun block.

Dark Green Vegetables


If you want to super charge your collagen production which will lead to weight loss (do to apatite suppression) eating dark green vegetables is the way to go. The reason why is dark green vegetables are rich in vitamin C and also tend to be autoxidizing. This causes stabilization within the enzymes that break down collagen. It also provides free radical protection which is the number one cause of damaged collagen.

Orange Vegetables


Carrots, potatoes, and other orange vegetables are rich in vitamin A. This leads to the regeneration of damaged collagen.



Berries are great for preventing damage to your already existing collagen and it does that by fighting off the radicals as well as helping the body create new collagen cells. So make sure you load up on those blackberries and raspberries.



Any source of soy is great to prevent aging due to the antioxidants that exist within soy. Soy promotes collagen production while fighting off bad enzymes.

White Tea


There has been numerous research is done notably by Kingston University, which shows that white tea actually protects collagen and also helps block enzymes that break down collagen.

Citrus Fruits


Citrus fruits have the ability to help amino acids, these fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes as well as grapefruits are rich in vitamin C as well. Our bodies need vitamin C to naturally fight off free radicals which in turn help protect our cells from becoming damaged.



Lysine and Proline as well as collagen itself is found abundantly in eggs, which is a great source of protein. So eating eggs in the morning not only be great for your collagen, but would do wonders in helping you suppress your diet throughout the day, which will in turn lead to weight loss. For people who are vegan and or vegetarian you can supplement the eggs with peanut and get similar effects.



Sulfur is necessary for collagen production and garlic is packed full of sulfur. Lipoic acid and Taurine which is also found in garlic helps reveal collagen fibers which has been damaged.



One of the most essential elements in collagen building is zinc and oysters happen to be full of zinc. Another benefit is that oysters have minerals and vitamins which are great for your overall health.

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