Where to Buy Collagen Supplements

One of the common questions that we get asked is where to buy collagen supplements and to be honest, you can find collagen products almost anywhere. Be it over-the-counter, online, or just at to your local vitamin Shoppe’s. The thing is that not all products are made the same. Some are made with premium ingredients while others are made with cut rate ingredients. Just like the age old saying you get what you pay for that is especially true when it comes to collagen. With that being said, here is my recommendation when it comes to which products you should buy and why.



The first product and the only product I recommend when it comes to Type I and Type III collagen is Skinade. Like I’ve said in my previous article, it happens to be one of the best supplements on the market due to the sheer fact that they use 100% all-natural premium ingredients. Unlike some manufacturers they don’t use things like baby, fetuses (yes, some company actually use that in their ingredients), and other abnormal ingredients. All their ingredients come from marine-based and plant based sources, even the flavoring is all natural and not artificial. This product is also great for pescatarians and diabetics who have a restrictive diet.

They have one of the best ratings and have won multiple awards throughout the years. As a matter of fact, there is not a single collagen company that have won more awards than Skinade. And there are very few negative reviews about this product overall which is rare in this day and age. It’s also one of the only few products that don’t have a nasty aftertaste which is common in most collagen products. It’s been featured on hundreds of magazines and have been endorsed by dozens of celebrities.

Another cool thing about this company is the fact that they actually have their clinical studies on the website so that you can view for yourself. I have never seen another company, be it for collagen or otherwise to have posted their actual clinical studies on their website. This is what you call 100% transparency, they want their users to know that all the claims that they’re making about their product are 100% verified and not just speculation. That alone should show you the integrity of this company as well as their product.

Dr. Kaayla Daniels’ Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed Type II Cartilage Collagen


When it comes to Type II collagen there is no better product on the market. There are numerous reasons why I recommend this particular brand of collagen as opposed to other Type II collagen products.

For one, this product is actually created by an actual doctor, Dr. Kaayla Daniels and she has a PhD from the University of Cincinnati in Nutritional Sciences and Anti-Aging Therapies. She has been studying the specific effects of bovine collagen and the major benefits that it could have other parts of your body that other collagen products do not cover such as cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

All ingredients in this product are 100% organic in nature, she only uses pasteurize raised, grass fed cows which is important fact to know when it comes to supplements. Some manufacturers like to use sick cows because much cheaper (for them) and they think that the user will know the difference (which most people don’t). So it’s great to know that she doesn’t go down that route with her product. Another benefit of her particular product is the fact that it helps boost your immune system and helps assist with post exercise recovery.

To Sum Things Up

At the end of the day these are the only two products that I can wholeheartedly recommend that you actually purchase if you’re in the market to buy collagen supplements. I recommend that you purchase both products because each product tackles a different part of the body. As illustrated Skiande only covers Type I & III and Dr. Kaayla products only covers Type II so this is why is essential to purchase both products as opposed to just one.

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