Collagen Supplements for Weight Loss


Collagen do not inherently contain anything that would prevent weight loss. What collagen supplements for weight loss do is actually suppress your hunger which indirectly leads to weight loss. Now as you know, there are multiple collagen products on the market, but the best type to use for the purpose of weight loss would be hydrolyzed collagen. This is based off several clinical studies that has been done for this very purpose. As a matter of fact, since the 1990s a lot manufacturers of health bars has been including collagen within their products due to the findings of these clinical studies which outlined collagen supplement benefits. By adding the collagen to their health bars it causes the users to suppress their appetites, which of course would lead to weight loss.

What Brand of Collagen Should You Buy?

For the purpose of weight loss, the brand you should purchase is Skinade. It’s rated as one of the top collagen supplements for weight loss on the market to date. Numerous celebrities utilize the same brand of collagen due to the effectiveness it provides. It has an 8.3 score on, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with It’s a website where people go and leave reviews about everyday products that they’ve tried and the experience that they’ve had. These reviews are then verified to make sure that they are from users that actually use the product and are not affiliated with the company. Just by reading the reviews alone you’ll see hundreds of people that have nothing but positive things to say about Skinade.

Additional Benefits

Not only does Skinade help you lose weight, but it also helps a multitude of things such as:

  • Hair, Skin and Nail growth
  • Increasing Muscle Mass (help prevent flabby arms, etc..)
  • Tighten Skin
  • reduces wrinkles
  • hydrate skin
  • Promote Healthy Organs

That’s just to name a few.

Why Should You Care

No matter if you’re male or female it’s imperative that you start taking supplements. What most people fail to realize is that once you reach the age of 20, your body produces 1% less collagen each and every year until you ceased to exist. So that means by the time you turn 50 your body will be producing less than 30% collagen than when you were 20 (and your body will reflect that). It will continue to go downhill unless you start taking supplements. Even though a lot of collagen products seem to be cater to women (due to it being considered as a cosmetic product) is essential that men take them as well because all the same effect that women experience from NOT taking collagen also affect men.

Different Types of Collagen

There are three different types of collagen available on the market, Type I & Type III as well as Type II. it’s imperative that you take all three types because the all play an essential role in your body. One thing you must know is that you won’t find any product that contains all three types of collagen, you’ll only find products which contains either Type I & Type III (like Skinade does) OR Type II (From Bovine Sources). Collagen comes from two different sources, there’s marine-based and then there’s bovine based. Most people choose marine-based because it’s safer and for more effective than bovine in regards to the benefits that we’ve listed above. When it comes to Type II collagen your only source would be Bovine collagen.

Type I and III collagen are great for reducing wrinkles, hair growth, etc… But Type II has really three main functions and that’s providing support for your bones, your ligaments and the cartilage surrounding your joints. This is important if you want to reduce the risk developing arthritis/osteoporosis as well as help any current symptoms you might be experiencing. Current statistics show that 40 million Americans are suffering from arthritis in over 20 million Americans are suffering from osteoporosis. So that means one out of every three people why the develop one or both of these diseases.

It’s You Choice

At the end of the day it’s your choice but I highly recommend that you choose wisely and take some sort of supplement for collagen (preferably skinade), be it for a beauty reasons or for overall health reasons or weight loss reasons. Also, if you have a son or daughter or even a friend or relative that’s over the age of 20 that might not be informed about the importance that collagen plays not only when it comes to looking young but to have your body function as it did when you were younger then you should send them to this article so that they can at least get a bit of information and come up with their own conclusion as to whether or not taking supplements for collagen is for them.

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