Skinade vs Calotren (Calatrim)

Two of the biggest players when it comes to collagen for weight loss would be Skinade and Calotren pronounced as (Calatrim) which is distributed by Top Loss.  In this article I will be going over the Pros and Cons of both and providing an overall review of Skinade as well as Calotren reviews. We will also be discussing Skinade and Top Loss Calotren weight loss effects. We will also be providing you later on in the article with real user reviews of Calotren weight loss side effects and why so many users seem to have such a negative outlook on this brand of collagen. So by the end of this article you’ll have a clear understanding on whether Skinade really work or does Calotren really work and which one is better.

What Is Calotren?

For those of you that aren’t aware what Calotren is, in a nutshell it’s basically a collagen supplement that has a high absorption rate. It’s allegedly absorbed 3x faster by the body than an ordinary collagen supplements would. According to Top Loss (the distribution company) they also have clinical test available upon request. This product is geared towards people who want to lose weight in a more natural way without the use of drugs. The company recommends that you purchase a 90-day supply to see any significant benefits.

Pros of Calotren

  • One of the main pros of Calotren is that it contains a digestive enzyme combination which allegedly helps the body absorb this collagen supplement quicker according to the company.
  • This product contains no drugs or any type of stimulants.
  • Safe with most health conditions
  • Trademarked ingredient called ProHydrolase

Cons of Calotren

  • Derived from two sources, either from beef or from marine life.
  • The product doesn’t come with any labeling which indicates the ingredients.
  • Over 50% of the reviews on Amazon regarding this product are negative (screenshot provided below).
  • Skewed return policy.
  • The company recommends you purchase 4 other supplements just to get the true benefit of this product.
  • Product has been Removed from Amazon.
  • Collagen liquids has a far higher absorption rate then collagen pills (which could dismiss this company’s claims).
  • 90-Day Supply cost $209.85 + Shipping.
  • Haven’t been featured on ANY reputable media outlets.

My Outlook

With that all being said this is my Outlook on this product, I’ve been researching both this product and Skinade (which I’ll go over later on in this article) and pound for pound Skinade run circles around Calotren. The main thing that I don’t like about Calotren is that there is nothing really proprietary about this product. Meaning there is nothing that really separates it from any other collagen product besides their trademarked ProHydrolase (which hasn’t been proven to be effective). So basically you’re taking the company’s word. Also clinical studies aren’t hundred percent reliable due to the fact that they can and often are skewed in favor of the company that’s paying to have the clinical study done in the first place.

Another thing I don’t like about Calotren is the fact that they use bovine as one of the sources of their collagen product. While bovine is necessary for type 2 collagen, as some of you might probably be aware of, you face the risk of ingesting a product that might been derived from a cow that has mad cow disease. The company states that they don’t use cows which contain BSE (mad cow disease) but the problem is that there is no 100% way to tell. You and I have no clue as to what was really done to test these cows and whether or not an unbiased third party was even involved.

All and all as far as I’m concerned I really wouldn’t recommend this product to anybody just based off the negative reviews alone let alone what I mention above.



Pros of Skinade

Now in my personal opinion, Skinade is the exact opposite of Calotren.

  • Skinade has a plethora of clinical studies as well as nonclinical studies such as the ones that was conducted by the Cosmopolitan as well as the Huffington Post. Two of the largest media outlets whose independent writers decided on their own behalf to try out the product for 30 days. Both writers took their collagen levels before and after starting their 30-day case study. Both individual’s charts showed an improvement in collagen levels across the board.
  • Also, you can read the majority of the reviews that are left by actual users that purchased and use the product and has been verified through (one of the most trusted website for official user reviews).
  • Featured in over +100 magazines such as Vouge and Cosmopolitan to name a few.
  • Backed by reputable clinical studies
  • Very satisfied users!
  • Featured on as well as multiple other online outlets.
  • Diabetic Safe
  • 100% natural ingredients.

Cons of Skinade

  • It’s pretty expensive. (But you get what you pay for)

How does Skinade play into Weight Loss?

Simple, like mentioned early on in the article collagen is the necessary building blocks when it comes to losing weight as you start to get older. The reason why is because collagen helps build lean muscle which is necessary to lose weight. This is why bodybuilders are sometimes considered unhealthy due to their extremely low fat content, muscle replaces fat. Our body loses 1% of collagen every single year after we hit the age of 25, this occurs in both males and females and the majority of the population does not even know this.

This is why when we get old, we start to develop more fat, saggy skin, wrinkles, etc…

So it’s imperative to use a product like Skinade which has hundreds of positive reviews and uses quality ingredients and is manufactured 100% in the UK. By using a quality supplement, you can expect to see great results. By using a low-quality supplement, you won’t see results and you’ll see tons of negative reviews about that product like in the case of Calotren.


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